Business Data

Historically, B2B marketers have had trouble finding business data with the same degree of accuracy, completeness, and reliability as consumer data, particularly when executing multichannel campaigns.

Across 21 million distinct companies, CDR Source holds our B2B data to the same high standards as our consumer records. Our hybrid file delivers the industry’s most accurate postal, email, and phone data, as well as dozens of selects, including firmographic and contact-level demographics to improve targeting.

CDR Source is a data-driven marketing solution provider for the B2B industry. With our state-of-the-art technology and tools to develop the most reliable and high-quality B2B database that enables businesses to identify the right prospects and stay ahead of the competition across the global market.

We build a comprehensive Email and Mailing List for your business needs that align well with the marketing objective and help you connect globally with a wide-ranging audience.